Diabetes Health Insurance: Everything To Know

how to get tested for diabetes without insurance

Diabetes is a wide-spread disease that causes a build-up of glucose levels in your body due to the lack of or improper use of insulin. Without any proper medication or monitoring, it may lead to further complications which will likely result in death. 

As maintenance for the disease will usually cost a lot to most people, some insurance companies offer help in order to shoulder the burden from all the medical expenses.

Here we’ll talk about everything there is to know about diabetes health insurance and when are you eligible to apply for it.

How Health Insurance Helps Diabetic People

Getting health insurance for diabetes can help people with the disease a lot as it’s able to cover certain medical expenses that can sometimes be quite expensive for most people. 

The health insurance usually helps you cover expenses like the consultation fee when you’re going to your doctor’s appointment, expensive medications that you’ll need to maintain your body from getting into any further complications, and different diagnostic tests that your doctor will ask you to do. 

Some can also offer to cover your hospital bill so that you can focus more on your own recovery.

How to Get One?

Now if you’re wondering where you can get your health insurance for your diabetes then there are actually a lot of options for it. Getting the disease does not deny you from getting any medical coverage. 

But it’s also important to look for the best health insurance provider that can offer you the best deals. You can try asking around people you know or try to look around different private insurances.

Getting the Best Health Insurance

If you’re planning on looking for health insurance to help with your diabetes, it’s important to look for one that can surely cover a lot of the medical burdens you’re going to get from having this disease.

Try to ask different health insurance on what supply coverage they offer for different prescription drugs, counseling and preventative care, and other diabetes-related services. The best one will offer you a lot of those at a reasonable price so you won’t stress your medical expenses.

How to Get Tested for Diabetes Without Insurance?

Getting tested for diabetes actually doesn’t cost much and some places even offer them for free like in pharmacies or in big-box stores. Though there are limitations to the tests that they have, it’s a good way to see if there are early signs of the disease in your body. 

If you’re looking for proper diabetes screening, then you could check if your local hospital offers it. The free screening that they offer in malls won’t lead to accurate results but it can still detect any problems you might have that’s in-line with the disease.


As diabetes can lead to some serious problems if not treated, it’s also important to find ways that it won’t affect your finances that much. Health Insurance can help a lot but preventing it from happening is also a great option in order to avoid future complications.