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How to Use CBD Oil for Neuropathy 2020

How to Use CBD Oil for Neuropathy

One of the most painful feelings that a person can get is when they’re suffering from neuropathy.

It happens when a person goes through an injury, dysfunction, or when their nerves are damaged. The problem with this is that several medications used for treatment can have a lot of side effects and also have a high risk of addiction.

With CBD Oil becoming more popular for the health benefits that it’s able to offer, it has now become an alternative treatment for Neuropathy. 

Here we’ll talk about how CBD Oil is able to help people who are suffering from neuropathy.

What is Neuropathy

Neuropathy, by definition, is damage or dysfunction to one or several nerves in the body. This gives off a numbing, tingling, or even painful feeling in the area that’s affected which usually starts in the hands or feet.

When this happens, the damaged nerves will then send mixed signals to the brain and other parts of the body. This can cause disruption in the communication of the nerves throughout the body and also the brain.

Causes of Neuropathy

There are multiple reasons that neuropathy happens and diabetes is one of the highest probable causes for it to happen. This is due to how high blood sugar levels can cause damage in smaller nerves which can even risk further injury.

Other medical conditions that can cause neuropathy are:

  • Infections
  • Kidney Disease
  • Injuries
  • Autoimmune Disorders

How CBD is Able to Help Neuropathy

Studies have shown that the use of CBD is able to relieve and treat symptoms of neuropathy.

The compound is able to make the pain caused by neuropathy to a more bearable level. This makes it easier for people to go through their daily lives while they’re experiencing this pain.

The anti-inflammatory properties contained in CBD also makes it possible to reduce the inflammation that may occur on the nerves.

Applying CBD Oil for Neuropathy

Using the best CBD Oil for nerve pain is important for this in order to get the full extent of the product’s capabilities. This helps to make it more effective in treating neuropathy and also give out other health benefits that CBD is able to offer.

It’s usually applied under the tongue in order for it to be easily absorbed through the body. Several drops of CBD Oil is enough for it to become effective.

Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil

Although the use of CBD Oil has already been deemed safe, there are still possible side effects that may occur to some people.

These side effects may be dizziness, nausea, or drowsiness. CBD can also interact with other medications so be sure to contact your doctor before using it.


What’s great about using CBD Oil as a way to treat neuropathy is that it doesn’t cause addiction unlike the common medications used for it. Using CBD Oil can also benefit your overall health, though it’s best if you should consult your doctor first before using it.

Diabetes Health Insurance: Everything To Know

how to get tested for diabetes without insurance

Diabetes is a wide-spread disease that causes a build-up of glucose levels in your body due to the lack of or improper use of insulin. Without any proper medication or monitoring, it may lead to further complications which will likely result in death. 

As maintenance for the disease will usually cost a lot to most people, some insurance companies offer help in order to shoulder the burden from all the medical expenses.

Here we’ll talk about everything there is to know about diabetes health insurance and when are you eligible to apply for it.

How Health Insurance Helps Diabetic People

Getting health insurance for diabetes can help people with the disease a lot as it’s able to cover certain medical expenses that can sometimes be quite expensive for most people. 

The health insurance usually helps you cover expenses like the consultation fee when you’re going to your doctor’s appointment, expensive medications that you’ll need to maintain your body from getting into any further complications, and different diagnostic tests that your doctor will ask you to do. 

Some can also offer to cover your hospital bill so that you can focus more on your own recovery.

How to Get One?

Now if you’re wondering where you can get your health insurance for your diabetes then there are actually a lot of options for it. Getting the disease does not deny you from getting any medical coverage. 

But it’s also important to look for the best health insurance provider that can offer you the best deals. You can try asking around people you know or try to look around different private insurances.

Getting the Best Health Insurance

If you’re planning on looking for health insurance to help with your diabetes, it’s important to look for one that can surely cover a lot of the medical burdens you’re going to get from having this disease.

Try to ask different health insurance on what supply coverage they offer for different prescription drugs, counseling and preventative care, and other diabetes-related services. The best one will offer you a lot of those at a reasonable price so you won’t stress your medical expenses.

How to Get Tested for Diabetes Without Insurance?

Getting tested for diabetes actually doesn’t cost much and some places even offer them for free like in pharmacies or in big-box stores. Though there are limitations to the tests that they have, it’s a good way to see if there are early signs of the disease in your body. 

If you’re looking for proper diabetes screening, then you could check if your local hospital offers it. The free screening that they offer in malls won’t lead to accurate results but it can still detect any problems you might have that’s in-line with the disease.


As diabetes can lead to some serious problems if not treated, it’s also important to find ways that it won’t affect your finances that much. Health Insurance can help a lot but preventing it from happening is also a great option in order to avoid future complications.

Which Diabetes Medications Cause Weight Loss

diabetes medications

Diabetes has been one of the most spread out diseases in the entire world. It leads your body to have high amounts of glucose all over it due to the lack of insulin in your system. 

There are no known cures yet for diabetes but it can still be treated through medications. Here we will show you the top medications for diabetes and see which diabetes medication causes weight loss.

Insulin Medications

Insulin is one of the most popular and recommended uses for type 1 and type 2 diabetes medication. It helps increase the amount of insulin that your body needs to process all of the glucose in your body.

It’s meant to be taken in through an injection instead of taking it through the mouth as digestion may interfere with its action. 

Possible side-effects of the drug may include low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

SGLT2 Inhibitors

This drug works by not letting the kidney absorb more sugar than needed in order to avoid hyperglycemia. The excess sugar will instead be turned into a waste product and is excreted as urine.

This drug helps decrease the chances of heart problems like a stroke or a heart attack. It does have side-effects like low blood pressure, diabetic ketoacidosis, and urinary tract infections.


Sulfonylureas are one of the oldest drugs in this list and is still commonly used until today. Its main job is to increase the amount of insulin in your body by stimulating the pancreas through the help of beta cells. 

There are minor side-effects of these drugs which is a risk of having low blood sugar and weight gain. Doctors recommend exercise when taking this in order to avoid that weight gain.

GLP-1 Receptor Agonists

This type of medication works as it increases the amount of insulin in your body uses through the increase of Beta-cell growth.

It also allows stomach emptying and a decrease in appetite which can cause a bit of weight loss. There is also new research on how this drug can decrease the chances of stroke on people who are at high risk of those conditions.

Side-effects of this may include mild nausea and an increased chance of getting pancreatitis.

Diabetes Medication for Weight Loss

There are some medications for diabetes that can incur weight loss. This is usually prescribed to your doctor if you are overweight which can increase your chance of getting diabetes. 

Losing weight is important for diabetic people in order to decrease the chances of getting any more complications to occur from the disease. The most prescribed medicine that’s been often used today is metformin. 

Metformin lowers glucose production in the liver and also increases insulin sensitivity in your body. It also causes a lower appetite which can help the person undergo weight loss.


There are a lot of treatments made to help diabetes as research for finding a cure for it is still undergoing. Medications can help out those people who have the disease but it’s also important to have a healthy lifestyle to prevent it from worsening.

Diabetes Healthcare Subsidies: What Are They?

Diabetes Healthcare Subsidies

Diabetes has become one of the most spread diseases in the world. It has been estimated that almost 415 million people have it and the number will be expected to rise by the following year as there is still no cure for it. 

As people with low socioeconomic backgrounds are having a hard time or even unable to afford any medical help with this disease, some governments are able to provide them with healthcare subsidies to shoulder their burden from it. 

So what are these diabetes healthcare subsidies and how many countries provide healthcare subsidies for diabetes?

We’ll here we will explain everything in order for you to be more informed about it.

Why Healthcare Subsidies for Diabetes is Needed

Diabetes causes a person’s glucose level to become abnormal due to the body improperly using its insulin, this can cause further complications that may result in death if left untreated.

This is why it’s important for diabetic people to have regular maintenance and treatment through different types of medications in order to avoid their disease from worsening. 

The problem with this is that most medicines for diabetes can be quite expensive meaning people who can’t afford it will be unable to get any access to them. 

This is where the government helps out those people who are in need by providing healthcare subsidies for them and in order to decrease the mortality rate of diabetes in their area.

Subsidies Provided for Diabetics

The healthcare subsidies provided for diabetic people will largely depend on the country or healthcare service that offers it to them.

The plans that are offered are mostly to ensure that the disease won’t become a burden to you and you’re able to function normally in your daily life. 

These subsidies will usually help you provide the prescription medicine you need, various medical supplies like an insulin pump, lab tests and screening exams, and even medical visits when you need to see specialists for your problem.

Countries that Offer Diabetes Healthcare Subsidies

Countries who can offer medical care to their citizens will depend on how progressive medical care is.

There are a few countries that can give you access to free healthcare subsidies for diabetes like Canada and many other first world countries. Other countries like America require you to pay for healthcare at an affordable rate so they can help you shoulder the costs on your medical costs. 

Coverage for Artificial Limbs

Due to the nature of diabetes, there are some cases where it becomes so severe that a limb from a person will require amputation mainly due to necrosis. 

Areas with better healthcare options can help these people as they can cover the cost for prosthetic devices in order for the people to live a normal life. 


Diabetes is a serious disease as it has managed to affect a certain percentage of the population. With the help of modern medical care and subsidies, it can help those people who have it to lessen the cost of treatment.